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Live broadcast of the FC Lugano and Basel match

Live broadcast of the FC Lugano and Basel match

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Bayern won 3-1 in Lugano and celebrated their first away win of the season

Basel showed their best performance of the season and achieved victory at the Cornaredo Stadium in Lugano. The 3-1 win was their first away win of the season.

Before the play-off match between FC Lugano and FC Basel, Jonathan Sabatini was honored as Lugano’s Player of Record.

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the game

It was clear that Bayern were trying to control the match and they succeeded from the beginning. He won significantly more duels than the host team Louganese. When football was played, it was the people of Basel who cared. However, a corner kick was taken from Dominik Schmid, and Renato Vega crossed it at the first post, so Jonathan Dubassin could pass the ball to the second post to take the lead in the 29th minute.

On the second round, you suddenly thought you were remembering the difficulties of the past weeks and months. Bayern gave up control of the match, and suddenly Logano played football and, above all, scored the equalizer through Roman Masek. But Bayern seem to be gradually improving and were able to strike back again in Cornaredo. Just seven minutes after the equaliser, it was Jovanovic, desperate for a goal and always fighting unsuccessfully, who fearlessly threw himself into a ball from Dubassin before colliding with goalkeeper Emir Saipi. The reward was renewed leadership.

When Logano fought back from defeat in the final stage, Basel found the space. And they use this to create a great story: Substitute Romeo Benny scored on his first appearance in a Bayern shirt to make the final score 3-1.

The best

Anyone with a bloody nose, the all-important opening goal and assist after 67 minutes of play, did a lot of things right. Jonathan Dubassin will be given Basel’s first top scorer in the league, as things did not go to plan in his first time out at Bayern and he lost playing time afterwards. It remains to be hoped that he has finally arrived, because this is the way things could continue for the Spanish Penguins in Basel. However, he can save himself from the Penguin celebration in front of the opposite corner.

This was something to talk about

Basel entered this away match as a team that had yet to achieve a single away win this season. When Marwin Hitz was forced off half an hour before kick-off due to hip pain, there was little to say in favor of a first away win of the season against the mighty Luganesi. The fact that Hitz’s injury was not the big problem after the end of the match was largely due to the fact that the Basel team made possible what was no longer thought possible.