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Listen to the new episode “Kicker Meets DAZN” now!

Sports commentators Marco Hagman and Tom Bartels guest star in the new episode, “Kicker Meets DAZN.” The two talk about their tough job and have quite a few anecdotes to share.

Guest on Kicker Meets DAZN: Marco Hagemann and Tom Bartels.
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Kicker meets DAZN breaks new ground! For once, the new episode is not about players, coaches or transfers, but about football commentators.

Two of the most famous German voices are guests on the podcast: Tom Bartels and Marco Hagemann explain the difficulties of their professions, talking about special moments in their careers and their personal experiences at the World Cup in Qatar.

The episode is available from Monday on, the kicker app and on all popular podcast platforms.

KMD #159 - Tom Bartels + Marco Hagemann

January 30, 202301:56:45 hours

KMD #159 – Tom Bartels + Marco Hagemann

This week’s new episode of KMD goes into detail about football commentators! Alex and Benny called on two of Germany’s best-known voices for this: Tom Bartels (ARD) and Marco Hagmann (DAZN+RTL) who have been commentating on the national team’s big matches for years and talking their way into the sports press, dealing with criticism in social networks, and the situation in the federation German football and how it feels to broadcast a World Cup final or Europa League final on free-to-air TV to an audience of millions. Of course, the KMD staff also analyzes the 18th Bundesliga match day, discusses the first match between Bayern Munich and Frankfurt, and kicker reporter Janis Clemborg has explained the Berlin derby and Bobic’s dismissal on Hertha. Attention, sharp excess length included!

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