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Lisa Reyes immigrated to the United States: She gave an update about her husband’s accusation

She has two beautiful children, a loving husband and lives the American dream. At least the life of the influencer “Lizarre” Lisa Reyes may have been described a few weeks ago. Because the woman is amused, as she calls herself, “with a sense of humor.” On Instagram About 335,000 followers. Or better yet: entertainment! Because for the past few days it has been quiet, and that too has not escaped the fans. “Right now everything is three times harder than usual. So if I’m sad now, please take care of me if I’m not joking or if I’re away,” Lisa guides her word to her followers. They point out that in the last few weeks Lisas Ease has fallen by the wayside. That should come as no surprise. After all, a dramatic rule rests on the shoulders of the native Germans. Her husband is Robert Reyes Jr.. (38) 125 years imprisonment!

Lisa Ray’s husband is said to have embezzled $ 3.5 million

What exactly is behind it? reported about this a few days ago. The husband of Lisa Reyes, one of three political activists who misled various election donors and later enriched themselves with donations, has been indicted by the U.S. Justice Department. According to an official statement from the ministry, this is about $ 3.5 million. “New York The Times quoted: “Between January 2016 and April 2017, the defendants received approximately $ 3.5 million in donations from unknown donors due to misrepresentations and misappropriation, and used the funds to become rich and donate to additional fraudulent advertisements.” As she admits, the dream of a family where she worked long and hard was shattered.

Is Robert Reyes Jr. still confident?

Lisa Reyes and her husband Robert Reyes Jr. had a dream of owning a home. Because the influencer, her husband and two children – Nicholas (5) and Elijah (2) – currently live in Lisa’s mother-in-law’s house. The family was very excited about their own property and house to be built in Hollister, California. The Reyes family did not just dream of their four walls. They even wanted to buy a small farm. Before the accusations against Lisa’s husband became louder. Because now Lisa and her sons are facing the devastation of revealing what they wanted on Instagram.

“I’m trying to keep it (author’s note: property). I’m totally attached to it. Sadly: “We’ve far away from home. Unfortunately, it’s just like that.” She says only a few words about her husband’s condition. Even if the followers are definitely interested. Lisa Reyes, however, was not allowed to speak publicly about the ongoing case. Because it would put her husband in even more trouble – even if 125 years of imprisonment seemed possible. I can only reveal one thing from the question that is currently burning under the nails of many: is the whole thing still likely to fit you well? Lisa’s answer: “There is always a chance.” Especially with her two boys, one would love her from the bottom of her heart.

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The Love Born in Wuppertal, Lisa took Reyes to California. Now the German immigrant stands in front of particles of his joy. Because her husband – and the father of her children – is said to be guilty. In the worst case, he faces up to 125 years in prison.

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