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Liquid ban on flights postponed in UK

Liquid ban on flights postponed in UK

The end of the ban on liquids in hand luggage in the UK has been postponed until next year from June 2024 – until now the necessary CT X-ray technology has been installed at all airports.

We've all been there and safely separated your laptop and liquid bags. One factor, first, is the inconvenience and increases the duration of the security testing process. In Great Britain, it was planned to stop the process by June this year due to the installation of new technologies. A miletatime. Airports in Germany also rely on technological innovations to speed up processes. In December, three more CT scanners were installed at Frankfurt Airport.

Delays are caused by various issues

By the end of 2022, Great Britain plans to speed up security checks at airports by allowing up to two liters of liquids and laptops/tablets in hand luggage from June 2024. However, implementation has to be postponed until next year. Installation of CT X-ray technology at all airports cannot be implemented till June. Contributing to delays in installations is the fact that associated safety control systems must be shut down to install new technology.

It is difficult not to affect the smooth functioning of airports during renovation work. Fewer checkpoints led to longer queues. Another aspect is the current staff shortage, which delays training staff on new devices. So far, only London City Airport (LCY) and Teesside Airport (MME) have removed 100ml liquid limits. No other country currently plans to lift liquid limits at airports. However, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is testing the use of artificial intelligence technologies in baggage checks. So does Changi Airport in Singapore.

Conclusion on the delay of new technology

In Great Britain, the lifting of regulations for carrying liquids in hand luggage is to be postponed from 100 milliliters to two litres. Installation of necessary technologies at security checkpoints cannot be implemented till June. So far only two airports are fully equipped.

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