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Linux distribution Rolling Rhino Remix: Ubuntu as unofficial rolling release

Linux distribution Rolling Rhino Remix: Ubuntu as unofficial rolling release

With Rolling Rhino Remix, an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution with a rolling release is now daylight. Ubuntu regularly appears in new major releases, which sometimes contain extensive changes. So switching often requires additional processing and rework.

Between upgrades, you work with well-tested versions of the software, but not always the latest versions. Both drawbacks are avoided by so-called rolling release distros such as Arch Linux or openSUSE Tumbleweed. You will receive new software constantly and always be up-to-date.

In the view of the developer with the alias MrBeeBenson, Ubuntu should also follow the principle of rolling release. Action is the best option, especially for desktop users. MrBeeBenson finally came across one written by Martin Wimbres A text called Rolling Rhino. It converts your Ubuntu installation to a renewed version by switching to the current “development” version of the distribution.

Using the script, MrBeeBenson and companion-in-arms Billy G. quickly built their own Ubuntu variant that followed the rolling release principle. They named their distribution based on the central script To the name Rolling Rhino Remix. The first public version of the installation medium is now available Ready for download.

However, on startup, you should keep in mind that this is not an official variant of Ubuntu and therefore does not receive any support from Canonical. Furthermore, Rolling Rhino Remix is ​​based on the current development branch of Ubuntu. Since incoming software versions are not always current versions, Rolling Rhino Remix team keeps its own repositories. They should offer software versions as modern as possible, including the latest Linux kernel.

Additionally, the software has not been extensively tested in the Ubuntu development branch. As a result, updates can corrupt the operating system. Finally, Rolling Rhino Remix still requires some actions on the command line: Immediately after installation, you must first use rhino-init Bend software sources, future updates will be run in the process rhino-update a. The bottom line is that Rolling Rhino Remix is ​​only suitable for experienced Linux users.

Almost ten years ago, Canonical debated whether switching to the rolling version wouldn’t make sense. But at the time, this was met with widespread rejection.


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