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Lily Becker on the fuel hunt!

“Welcome to 2021. Get your fuel here today. We found something in Fulham! If you need gas, it was delivered to them here,” the report said. Former tennis legend Boris Becker’s ex Excitement on Instagram. With a friend, she can stand in line at a gas station and finally fill the tank. Fuel and gas are currently very low Lily Promises her community: “I only take what I need. I don’t ask for anything.”

Many are currently seated Gas stations in the UK on dry land. The background to this is the shortage of truck drivers, which previously led to gaps in supermarket shelves. Panic has now set in as some gas stations had to close last week due to a shortage of drivers.

“The queue isn’t bad here,” she informs her followers and shares the location with them. There is still hope for fuel in one part of London. It shows how bad the situation is Lily Becker on Instagram: She makes fun of a man who drew a little petrol in a bucket at the gas station, even without a car. “He doesn’t even have a car! The struggle is real,” the native Dutch say seriously. In the end, it was enough for the former Becker.