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Lily Baker desperately searching for love

Lily Baker desperately searching for love

Lilly Becker has been looking for a partner for a long time, but «Mr. Excellent »It doesn’t exist yet. Now she’s minimizing her demands – he just has to “breathe”.

The basics in brief

  • Since her divorce from Boris Becker, Lily has had a losing streak when it comes to men.
  • To date, the partner search for the model is still unsuccessful.
  • She only now expects the man to “breathe”.

They were the most amazing couple in the world of German mathematicians – until it all fell apart. They broke up after 13 years of relationship Boris Becker (53) and Lily Baker (45). The celebrity couple separated in 2018.

Meanwhile, the former professional tennis player has a new player the love have found. He showed himself recently with his new one Flame Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro in a Wimbledon. As Boris floats in love, Lily can’t seem to find the right cover.

Lily Baker is in great demand

slowly but surely The model was enough From the unsuccessful search for a partner. In Mallorca at a charity event by Marcel Remus (34), she expressed her anger towards Bild: “I have since given up, and I am not interested anymore.”

Meanwhile, Lilly demands Not much of a partner anymore – she lowered her standards. “As long as he breathes,” he is a suitable filter. In addition, the prince of dreams must be “cute” and already have children.

Are you picky about dating?

After her low claims were revealed, the dating inquiries of the Dutch-born woman began to welcome. German rapper Finch (31) invited Becker to his concert InstagramA story on a date. Lily Baker does not seem to be alienated from the meeting: “Why not, I have nothing to lose—as long as you breathe,” she wrote in her story.

Finch isn’t the only one looking at Line In the queue for a date with Lily. More men suggested a meeting, as she reveals in her story.

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