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Like the EU, Amazon is threatened by competitive activity in the UK

The British Supervisory Authority (CMA) has been overseeing the use of data collected on the Amazon platform for months, and is now planning a formal process due to the priority given to certain retailers.

According to a press release in Great Britain, the American shipping company Amazon, like the European Union, is threatened by competitive action. The British Oversight Authority has been looking at data collected on the platform of the CMA (Competition and Markets Commission) technology company for months, and is now planning a systematic practice, with some vendors prioritizing the Financial Times “(” FTD “citing multiple informants – among others. ).

This means that Amazon may recommend such retailers to buyers of platforms that use Amazon’s logistics services. The timing and purpose of the procedure are still ongoing.


An EU trust monitoring group in Brussels has accused Amazon of systematically using non-public business data from independent retailers for its own retail business.

Amazon provides not only products for its own account on its trading platform, but also for third parties who use the online listing for their sales. The EU has already begun an investigation in July 2019. Both CMA and Amazon did not want to comment on the “FT” information.