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Like Dirk Nowitzki!  Mokhtar achieves historical success in the United States |  Sports

Like Dirk Nowitzki! Mokhtar achieves historical success in the United States | Sports

What an honor Hani Mokhtar |

German-American professional football is Nowitzki!

It’s the MLS professional league’s biggest prize – and now the third German has taken it!

Football player Hani Mokhtar (27) was chosen as the best player in the American League in the United States. The Nashville FC striker is following in his footsteps.

Only two Germans have had the MVP award before him: basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki (44) in 2007 in the main round and in 2011 in the final NBA series – and ice hockey star Leon Drysitl (27) in 2020 in the NHL .

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With Mokhtar, a German footballer is now writing the history of sports in the United States. The former Herta talent rose to the top scorer with 23 goals, stabbing famous stars such as finalist Gareth Bale (33) and Chicharito (34/both Los Angeles), Gonzalo Higuain (34/Miami), and Lorenzo Insigne. (31 / Toronto) and Sheridan Shaqiri (31 / Chicago).

MORE TO BILD: “It’s the greatest moment of my career. Being the third German athlete to win the MVP award after Nowitzki and Driesitl makes me very proud! The league is getting stronger and it’s on the right track.”

Until recently, Mokhtar was also traded as a hot candidate for Hansi Flick’s team in the German World Cup (57) due to his accuracy. According to BILD’s information, the national coach has not even put him on his temporary list of 55 players for the Winter Championship in Qatar. Mokhtar recently said that he would “run to Qatar for the chance of the German Football Association. I think you can add someone who has had a great season, even if it’s just MLS.”

Chancellor Florian Gaul (41) when asked by Bild: “Of course we would have been happy to see Haney in the national team shirt again, after all he had also worn for years in the youth teams of the German Football Association. As the best player and top scorer for Nashville, he made Certainly a lot of arguments, and in my opinion, it would have been a win for the DFB with its attacking qualities. I hope Hae’s historic title will finally give more momentum in the still underrated German Bundesliga.”

In 2014, the mukhtar of the German under-19 team launched the European Championship with his goal in the final against Portugal – in a team with current DFB stars Joshua Kimmich (27) and Julian Brandt (26).

Now Mokhtar encourages young players himself: in the United States, he opened his own football academy and offers training courses for different age groups. Mukhtar: I am trying to increase my influence on youth coaching through my football academy in the future. In four years, the football world will be looking forward to the United States when the 2026 World Cup is held here. This is a great opportunity for American football that I want to help create.”