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Life in old age - a new place for home - Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

Life in old age – a new place for home – Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

The AWO Dementia Center on Wolfratshauser Paradiesweg has a super-regional reputation. After all, it was the first nursing home in Bavaria to exclusively specialize in dementia patients and it had already received numerous awards for its concept specifically geared towards these clients. The days of the house that was built in 1981 and completely renovated in 2004 are numbered. Because it no longer conforms to the standards of the Bavarian law governing the quality of care, support and living in place since 2011. Now there is a solution in preparation: a new building can be built on urban land north of the Isar-Loisach business park, which AWO intends to build by 2026. The Council issued The city now has a decision to create the necessary conditions for this.

AWO Region Association spokeswoman in Upper Bavaria, Linda Kudflegg, stresses that the dementia center must give way. As I have indicated, current statutory modalities include accessibility quotas and single rooms, which are not economically achievable on Paradiesweg. This is why AWO is getting temporary protection for a dementia center at the gates of the city center – until the new building is completed. “The facility requested an extension of the deadline for implementing the minimum structural requirements in an appropriate and timely manner,” explains Sabine Schmid, a spokeswoman for the authorities. The district office agreed that “because of the announcement of the new building for 2026.”

AWO wants to stay in town with the facility, Quadflieg confirms. “We are looking for another place in Wolvertshausen where we can meet the new requirements,” she says. This could be a plot of land north of the Isar-Lewisach Mall, which the city acquired a couple of years ago. The city council has now taken the first step to create the necessary conditions: At its last meeting, the committee decided unanimously to change the plan to divide the area. It will be designated as a building area for general needs.

As Mayor Klaus Hellinglingler (Citizens Association) said upon request, the city acquired property previously used for agriculture in order to develop the area for the construction of a social facility. “We know the status of the Arab Women Organization and we know they have to do something,” says the mayor. The area has yet to be tendered, and there are no negotiations yet. But AWO interested. It is no secret that Wolveratzhausen wants to preserve the city’s famous dementia center. The city council has now commissioned the Planning Association for Munich’s Outer Economic Zone to change the land use plan. Hillinglingner says the development plan can be drawn up at the same time. The mayor asserts that it must explicitly state a social facility, not a residential area.

There are currently no concrete new building plans, according to AWO. “We want to take the first step before the second,” says Quudfleigh. Only when a development plan is in place can one “think concrete”. What is certain, however, is that the Dementia Center in Wolvertshausen, the only one in the district association, should be maintained that way. The idea is to meet the growing need for care in the context of the new building and to offer 90 places instead of the previous 69 places there in the future. An AWO spokeswoman says it’s also possible to envision an additional daycare of ten to 15 places.