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Lewis Hamilton can't reverse Australia's run

Lewis Hamilton can't reverse Australia's run

( – Lewis Hamilton's engine failure at the 2024 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne has had consequences: as Mercedes announced before the race weekend in Japan, the damaged drive system can no longer be saved, therefore leaving Hamilton's quota. Formula One. 1 season ends in 2024. (Get the current engine overview here!)

Mercedes to drive W15 in 2024 Formula 1 season

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This means: Hamilton will have to compete with only three other combustion engines – in 21 Grands Prix and six sprint races – for the rest of the racing season. So if Mercedes want to get through the year unpunished, the running time of the remaining three engines in Hamilton's quota will increase. Each engine should theoretically last seven instead of six race weekends.

This means: an additional combustion engine can be used in Hamilton, and it will – in the final stage of the 2024 season – move back ten positions on the starting grid.

The manufacturer remains silent on what exactly broke the Mercedes drive. However, analysis of the engine factory at Brixworth in England revealed a quality defect and no apparent design defect. Another damage to other Mercedes combustion engines Groups of Hamilton and teammate George Russell Classified as impossible.

At the Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton retired after a quarter of the race distance with engine failure. His drive suddenly ran out and the seven-time Formula 1 world champion was forced to abandon.

Why Hamilton is still optimistic

Despite the retirement and the difficult start to the Mercedes W15 season, Hamilton remains cautiously optimistic about the rest of the 2024 racing season: “It's a question of perspective. Of course we're not where we want to be, but the year is still long. And we saw in 2023, for example, how quickly things can change in some teams. We've seen that. Look at Aston Martin, look at McLaren.”

Practically “anything” can happen in Formula 1, says Hamilton. “That's why we have to learn as much as we can and take as much as we can from the data. It's important to stay positive and work hard. And I think: it's not how you stumble, but how you pick yourself up that matters. And then . . . we'll keep fighting and at some point we'll be back in the lead.” I believe.”

However Formula 1 expert Marc Surere confirmed Hamilton in an interview, the former champion could not handle “bad cars” and other drivers. Hamilton himself recalls his 2009 McLaren season.

Hamilton is currently ranked P10 in the 2024 Formula 1 Drivers' Championship with two points from three races, three places behind team-mate Russell. After a double defeat in Australia, Mercedes are fourth in the Constructors' Championship.