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Lewis Capaldi was able to end his music career because of Tourette

Singer with Tourette

“My nudity is getting worse on stage,” Lewis Capaldi reflects on the end of his career

The Scottish singer suffers from Tourette Syndrome, which recently caused him to stumble during a performance. Quitting music is now a very real scenario for him.


Lewis Capaldi suffered a Tourette’s attack at the concert in Frankfurt.


  • Lewis Capaldi’s battle with Tourette’s syndrome is getting tougher.

  • The musician reveals this in an interview.

  • Especially on stage, tics become a problem for the artist.

Lewis Capaldi’s battle with Tourette’s syndrome is getting tougher. Just recently it was His singing was interrupted by a spasm during a show in Frankfurt. Now the singer said in an interview with The Times that the disease may force him to give up music altogether. “My nudity is getting worse on stage now,” said the 26-year-old. “I’m trying to control that. If I can’t do it, I’m a freak.”

Shocking news for his fans who supported him during a break in Frankfurt and sang “Someone You Loved” until the end. Meanwhile, Capaldi had to let go of the microphone and retrieve it. “That’s what music does for me,” says the Grammy nominee. Otherwise, he might be fine for months. It’s a strange situation, but the compromise is worth it for now. “But when I get to the point where I’m doing myself irreparable harm, I stop,” he adds. “I hate to exaggerate, but unfortunately this option is very real.”

Lewis Capaldi spoke about the disease on a live broadcast

Last year, the singer announced for the first time that he had Tourette’s syndrome. This is a neuropsychiatric disorder that manifests itself in unwanted movements or noises, the so-called tics.

Capaldi, whose documentary “How I’m Feeling Now” will be available on Netflix starting Wednesday (April 5), spoke about his experience with the disorder on an Instagram Live in September. Tics will come all the time, whether he’s stressed, excited, or happy. “It feels a lot worse than it is now. Sometimes it’s just painful and uncomfortable. But it comes and goes,” said the singer.

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