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'Let's Dance' star Amira Pocher: 'This quest for Rúrik' gets on her nerves

‘Let’s Dance’ star Amira Pocher: ‘This quest for Rúrik’ gets on her nerves

Princess Boucher (29) wife Oliver Bucher (44), gives everything in RTL view “let’s go dancing”. The professional dancer is next to her Massimo Senato (41), with the mediator and the form Rebecca Mir (30) married. A princess is training to the point of pain, as seen in Massimo’s Insta video. You see in him a princess lying exhausted on a bench, she’s complaining: “Everything hurts.”

Surprise party for her Olly! In the video above you can see how Princess Boucher celebrated her 44th birthday!

It’s all more annoying when it’s someone else “let’s go dancing”The participant gets the most attention because of his appearance. Amira Boucher has had enough constant praise for the former footballer’s appearance Rurik Jeslason (34).

‘Let’s Dance’ star Amira Pocher: ‘I think you can overdo it’

“This is looking for Rick. That’s ‘Oh my God, is that cool…’” she complained on the podcast “Die Pochers hier!” “And also: He’s definitely super cute and handsome and all. But I think you can overdo it! ”

In her opinion, there would be very different things to celebrate Rúrik for: “The fact that he is loved, that he is really a good dancer and that he is talented is not discussed at all!”

If the former professional soccer player had been a woman, there would have been a sexism scandal with great enthusiasm, according to Oliver Bucher’s wife.