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Let's dance |  No winners: These celebrities came in second place

Let's dance | No winners: These celebrities came in second place

These participants entered “Let's dance” Close to the address “dancing star” more.

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the Winner of “Let's Dance.” Each of the sixteen seasons completed to date has a permanent place in RTL history. Those who finish second are usually quickly forgotten.

It's unfortunate actually, because in many cases, the runners-up scratched the trophy and sometimes missed out on the big win. We'll tell you who made their way to silver. Let's see who will reach the final in 2024.

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Let's Dance: All Winners and Runners-Up

Wolki Hegenbarth, Oliver Seefeldt, Sandy Mulling and Robert Albanese as well as Isabelle Edvardsson and Wayne Carpendale formed the first season in 2006. Photo: imago/eventpress

Season 1 (2006): Wolke Hegenbarth and Oliver Seefeld finished behind winners Wayne Carpendale and Isabel Edvardsson.

Season Two (2007): Katja Epstein and Oliver Seefeld finished second in the final. The winners are Susan Sideropoulos and Christian Polanek.

Season Three (2010): Sylvie Meis and Christian Poulenc lost in the final to Massimo Senato and Sofia Tomala.

Season 4 (2011): Moritz A. was defeated. Sachs and Melissa Ortiz Gomez by Mayte Kelly and Christian Polanec.

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Let's dance: Massimo Senato narrowly missed out on victory twice

Tanya Szyvchenko and Willy Gabaler Photo: imago/loma image

Season 5 (2012): Massimo Senato and Rebecca have to admit defeat to Eric Klan and Magdalena Brzeska.

Season 6 (2013): Christian Polanc and Cela Sahin will miss the win over Melissa Ortiz Gomez and Manuel Cortez.

Season 7 (2014): Willy Gabalier and Tanya Shevchenko lose to Alexander Kloz and Isabelle Edvardsson.

Season 8 (2015): Minh Khai Van Thi and Massimo Senato came in second place behind Hans Sarpi and Katherine Menzinger.

Season 9 (2016): Sarah Lombardi and Robert Beach are unable to challenge Victoria Swarovski and Eric Klann for victory.

Let's dance: No one can surpass Ekaterina Leonova

Ella finally and Valentin Lucien. Photo: TVNOW/Gregorios

Season 10 (2017): Christian Polanc and Vaness Mai will have to let Jill Overeem and Ekaterina Leonova prevail.

Season 11 (2018): This time Leonova ousted Judith Williams and Eric Klan from the benches along with Ingolf Locke.

Season 12 (2019): Finally, Ella and Valentin Losin cannot prevent Leonova from winning for the third time in a row, this time with Pascal Henze.

Season 13 (2020): Renata Lucien and Moritz Hans have no chance against Lili Paul Roncalli and Massimo Senato.

Season 14 (2021): Valentina Bahdi and Valentin Losin were defeated by Rurik Gislason and Renata Losin.

Let's dance: Zsolt Sandor Czeke awaits his first win

Julia Biotics in the 2023 final. Photo: Getty Images/Joshua Summer

Season fifteen (2022): In the end, Janine Ullmann and Zsolt Sandor Czeke dropped the win to Rene Caselli and Katherine Menzinger.

Season sixteen (2023): In the final, Julia Butex and Zsolt Sandor Czeke had no chance against Anna Ermakova and Valentin Losin.

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