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Let's Dance: Huge buzz around Pune Katilathu

Let's Dance: Huge buzz around Pune Katilathu

Pion Catellato He has every reason to be proud of himself. His journey so far at the great RTL exhibition “Let's dance” It works more than satisfactorily.

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In the big preliminary show, he collected 13 points in a strong field of participants. A week later, the first solo dance with a professional dancer was held Martha Arendt Even better. With 17 points for the energetic dance, the motivational coach rose to fourth place in the judges' rankings.


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It is also interesting:

Let's dance: RTL decides to delete comments

Let's Dance: Pune Katilathu and Marta Arendt
The first resolution presentation was made by Pune Katilathu and Marta Arendt. Photo: RTL/Stefan Gregorius

However, Catellato is currently thinking. The reason is the many bad posts that can be read about him on the Internet. After the big pre-show, RTL was forced to remove hate comments from the official “Let's Dance” Instagram page. In the eyes of many viewers, Kattilathu seems overly exaggerated and fake, a criticism that does not go unnoticed.


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“Sometimes I'm not speechless, but sometimes I read something and say to myself: How did you come up with that?” He explains in an interview with RTL. “Of course there are a lot of people who read the headlines about me and then start making judgments.”

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The attention he gets Oliver and Princess Boucher Last fall was a new experience for Katilathu. He says that almost nothing has been written about him before. But he doesn't allow himself to get discouraged, even though he does Joachim Lampe He was fired after the pre-show.

Chief Justice: I think he would rather talk than dance. It also says a lot, a lot of which I don't want to hear or even know. He can do that on his own shows, but he doesn't have to do that with us. Here he should dance and greet, not chat.”

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Now Biyon Kattilathu is focusing on the first second resolution show. As he mentioned on Instagram, like many of his teammates, he is suffering a lot in the new fight. We're keeping our fingers crossed that he can ignore the nasty comments and dance freely again on Friday.

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