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Letizia from Spain: With a paisley pattern and a deep neckline: don't be green with envy!

Letizia from Spain: With a paisley pattern and a deep neckline: don’t be green with envy!

Like from a picture book! Letizia from Spain featured perfectly at presenting a literary award – and it showed that some of the outfits simply couldn’t be worn very often.

For this party I had Letizia Spain (48) Deserves the same award. When presenting the literary awards for children’s and youth books by the Spanish publishing house Grupo SM, the Queen was of course the star guest (May 11). And the former journalist was impressive. In her charming green dress, the 48-year-old caught everyone’s attention. But wait a minute, somehow it sounds familiar. The noble piece with a paisley pattern appears to be a favorite of the Queen, as she has actually worn it on several occasions. past years. We went looking for clues.

Emerald green, pleats and deep cuts: In the video above, you can see Letizia’s sparkly look and see when she was actually wearing her favorite dress.

Letizia from Spain take the podium

Only recently did the sporty Queen inspire an elegant look that accentuates a body part so well. When the national flag was handed over as a standard to the Army Aviation Academy in Colmenar Viejo, it was very official. Because in a chic coat dress, Letizia not only look like Jackie Kennedy, but the other side of the Queen has also appeared here. But the timeless look also surprised in other ways. Because the Spanish Queen wore the costume in 2006 when her daughter was baptized Leonor Spain (15) – and it still fits the glove.

In the video below you can find out why everyone is still looking at their buttocks during this party.

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