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Leprosy – new insights with the help of 'ancient DNA' research.

Leprosy – new insights with the help of 'ancient DNA' research.

On June 4, archaeologist Prof. Dr. Ben Krause Kiora will give a lecture at CAU at 6pm, which will provide insight into current genetic research on historical leprosy patients.

Professor Dr. Ben Krause Cura analyzes the genomes of pathogenic bacteria in historical bones using modern DNA sequencing methods. The evolution and spread of the pathogen are examined as well as its potential effects on our existing immune system. Submission is free.

Leprosy was a widespread disease until the late Middle Ages. In the 16th century, infectious disease had almost completely disappeared from Europe, even before the invention of antibiotics for medical treatment. The genetic makeup of Mycobacterium leprae has not changed significantly over time, and it is now suspected that the genome of Europeans has changed

when where?
CAU Medical and Pharmaceutical History Collection
2 Brunswicker Street, 24105 Kiel
Start: 6 pm

Registration is required at: [email protected]