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Leonberger Verkehr: Less car space in the city?  - Leonberg

Leonberger Verkehr: Less car space in the city? – Leonberg

This is what is meant The four lanes previously designated for cars on Eltinger Strasse will be reduced from the Lindenstrasse level to Neuköllner Platz. In the future, cyclists and buses should have a one-lane right of way in the respective direction. There are differing opinions in local politics about whether taxis are allowed to drive on these so-called eco lanes. Elke Staubach (CDU) thinks this makes sense, for Christa Weiß (SPD), on the other hand, a taxi is also a car that has no business there.

Something similar was planned at Brennerstrasse between Leonberger Strasse and Reinhold-Vöster-Strasse. Separately, Neuköllner Platz is considered the most frequented.

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Single steps But it will not be the case that the streets in the city center will be halved before the end of the year. Because before directly interfering with traffic, Dieter Mormayer suggested that all these situations could be simulated first on a computer.

As a former transport professor, the leader of the FDP parliamentary group knows what he’s talking about: computer simulations produce accurate data. It may not be necessary to try in real life then.

schedule But most politicians want to implement it, if possible in March. Stefan Kerner considers the fear heard in many places that structural facts will arise in the event of an unfounded pass attempt. “We only work with signs and banners,” assures the head of the municipal department for innovative mobility. Only when the implementation seems reasonable based on testing can appropriate redesigns be discussed.

Unlike the Liberal Voters and the CDU, Kerner considers a six-month period in the warm season to be sufficient. He says that the traffic in winter is less than in summer. However, all this is preceded by simulation. Just when their results indicate that hands-on experience makes sense, should they come.

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Costs In the current year, an estimate of 10,000 euros for planning services. Next year’s budget is estimated at 155,000 euros. It remains to be seen if this will happen. Deliberations on the budget are currently continuing. Whether this amount is entirely necessary is politically controversial.