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Leon Draisaitl's NHL Playoffs: Strong Dog Out - Sports

Leon Draisaitl’s NHL Playoffs: Strong Dog Out – Sports

Three things will remain on the minds of anyone watching the fourth game between the Edmonton Oilers, which includes Germany’s Leon Drystel and the Colorado Avalanche. First: the end. It was 5:5 after regulation time; Then in overtime: Tour Colorado. But: Was Artturi Lehkonen’s cane too high? Breathtaking Canadian hockey spectators are met in grandeur only by the singing of male Russian choirs; Only Canadian hockey fans were saddened by South American football fans.

So: the negation of fear and then deep sadness. The goal counted, and Colorado won 6:5 and thus in the semi-final which was more exciting than the score would suggest (4:0). In the final, Colorado meets the Tampa Bay Lightning Series winner against the New York Rangers, before Tuesday’s defending lightning game is reduced to 1:2. Edmonton, on the other hand, is eliminated.

Also, what no one will forget: Oilers attacker Drysettle’s four passes. He’s managed 25 passes followed by a goal in just 16 playoff games, more than any other player in NHL history in a few games. Wayne Gretzky holds the all-time record (31 in 19 games, 1988), and everyone is sure that record would have been broken if the Edmonton Oilers reached the final. But they missed it, and anyone who knows Drycitel knows how to not care about such odd stats.

Despite the injury, Draisaitl struggles through the playoffs

He wants this trophy so badly, and that leads to the third thing that no one will ever be able to forget: Why on Earth was Leon Drystel still on the ice. He’s had a foot injury since the end of the regular season which worsened during the playoffs – too bad the Oilers declined to issue an accurate diagnosis. Ice hockey professionals are tough dogs, especially in the NHL playoffs, no one wants to sit down.

Talented goalscorer and playmaker: Leon Drysitl.

(Photo: Jeff McIntosh/AP)

But on a break during Game Four, Drysittel’s ordeal can be seen: a twisted ankle, which was already damaged; The puck at full speed against the thigh. examine the body to the left hand; another puck, this time to the hand; Twisted again. Meanwhile, Drystel dragged himself to the seat and from there to the dressing room; He was back on the ice after a few minutes – and hit.

Draisaitl is a talented goalscorer, and that was obvious to everyone in the NHL. In those qualifiers, he also showed how he became a playmaker – and what a tough dog he is. He does not like to talk about himself and his accomplishments, so at the end of his season it must be said: He has made unforgettable moments and should continue to do so in the future. What you shouldn’t forget: Draisaitl is only 26 years old. All wounds should be healed by the start of the next season.