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Lego black silver in New Zealand and Australia

Lego Black Friday Deals New Zealand Cover Image

Update (2:12 pm): Black silver offers are also listed for a few minutes at the Australian LEGO online store. These are the same set as in New Zealand, but with a higher discount. LEGO 10289 Bird of Paradise has a 20% discount everywhere on the RRP with 30% off. An overview of all the discount sets can be found here:

All information about starting at midnight today in Germany Black Friday Event Bei Lego We have clearly put you back together in a separate article. Exchange comments with other readers in the comments and, if necessary, ask your open-ended questions:

Lego Black Friday 2021 Online Shop

Contracts and Bargains

Update (6:19 pm): The offer page for Black Friday has now gone live on the German LEGO online store, which now contains a total of 34 previously unmodified packages. The same URL is in the store […]

Original Contribution (November 25, 2021, 12:25 p.m.): That’s what struck In New Zealand We look forward to seeing the world’s first look at Midnight and the official LEGO Black Friday offers for 2021. It is unclear whether the same offers exist. From midnight in Germany too Available, but it’s still worth pointing out to us – especially since there are at least some interesting offers.

Before we go inside: Already inside Last year We announced advance offers in Australia and New Zealand, However, the offers in Germany are completely different. Of course, free gifts and new releases will be the same (all information can be found at us Lego Black Silver Overlay Page), But the reduced set is different.

So other sets are likely to be reduced in Germany this year as well. In addition, there were already last year 15% more discounts in New Zealand, When it is 20% discount in Germany Gave. The minimum reduction in New Zealand does not apply in this country either.

Exclusive packages are provided

In New Zealand, some exclusive collections have been cut as part of the Black Friday event in Lego. We have offers for you (at least on one occasion 25% discount) Is listed here. In New Zealand, there are no sets yet from the EOL list, but the almost exclusive packages are still in range:

LEGO BrickHeadz & Brick Sketches

Lego Monkey Kit

Do you have exclusive packages in stock in Germany?

New Zealand and Germany are offered from completely different warehouses, which is why we now look at related packages. German LEGO online store வீசு.

With the exception of four Monkie Kid sets, almost all sets are currently available in Germany:

Regular packages are provided

Of course, some regular packages are also reduced in New Zealand, which we have listed here for you. There are only regular sets Discount up to 15% Possibility. We deliberately omitted both sets of 20% discounts as they were not “new” offers as they had been reduced for several months at LEGO in New Zealand.

Lego art

Lego City

Lego Disney

Lego points

Double Lego

Lego friends

Lego Harry Potter

Lego Marvel

Lego Star Wars

Lego Super Mario

Lego Technique

Lego video

To be on the safe side: We consider concessions to vary in Germany, but of course we secretly believe the reduction Condina, Something greatly discounted Paradiesvogelblume Or never reduced in this country Monkey Kit Set. Regular offers have kept us cool so far, so our fingers are interfering with the best offers.

What do you think about the Lego Black Friday deals in New Zealand? What offers do you expect from the German LEGO online store? Feel free to exchange ideas in the comments!