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Lego announces the Perseverance Mars Rover and Creativity Helicopter

Lego announces the Perseverance Mars Rover and Creativity Helicopter

Two years after NASA’s rover landed on Mars, LEGO has unveiled a toy version of the LEGO Technic series. The 1,132-piece model will therefore be sold from June 1st and will cost 95 euros. Not only is the rover with its six wheels and moving robotic arm, but also the creativity of the mini-helicopter.

There is also an augmented reality app that can be used to view the rover near the red planet and visualize information about the mission on the red planet.

(photo: LEGO)

The form is intended for children from the age of ten who are “enthusiastic about science and technology”. But adults are also part of the target group. In general, the model has different functions based on those of the models on Mars. The assembled model has a “fully articulated wheel suspension”, thanks to which the Lego vehicle – just like the Mars Rover – should also be able to overcome uneven terrain. It also includes details such as antennas and built-in instruments.

NASA’s Perseverance landed on Mars in February 2021. The rover will search for traces of possible life in a former delta. Meanwhile, he reached its foothills and discovered indications of a former river system there. The rover is still accompanied by creativity. The mini-helicopter was actually only meant to prove that robotic planes could take off from Mars at all. I did it with flying colors and since it still works, it hasn’t been deactivated yet.


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