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LEGO and Epic Games are building a space for kids in the Metaverse

LEGO and Epic Games are building a space for kids in the Metaverse

The LEGO . set He has along with EpicGames They announced in a tweet that they are working to create a world for children in metaverse I want to work. This should be a safe place for children and their families Play and creativity will.

The purpose of the room in the Metaverse is to give children in particular the opportunity to do so positive environment Act and be creative. The CEO of the LEGO Group and CEO of Epic Games are looking forward to cooperation and benefit from each other’s experience.

“The LEGO Group has inspired the imagination of children and adults through creative play for nearly a century, and we look forward to working together to create a space in the Metaverse that is fun, entertaining, and designed for children and families.”

LEGO and Epic Games: Together for Digital Security

The safety of children and their families in the digital environment is a top priority for both companies. Epic Games has a lot of experience in providing tools that people can use to create files Communication and collaboration Through games, music and more strengthen – strengthen ability.

Also, Epic deals with it right age To create kinds of digital experiences. For this purpose, a company was established in 2020 specializing in digital security for Children under 16 years old to accomplish.

The LEGO set is now on the move since then Almost 100 years Generations are shown under her spell the endless possibilities that the colorful building blocks bring with them. But LEGO also has experience with that digitally, one Safe creative place to create, because “Children love playing in the digital and physical worlds and moving between them seamlessly.”Said Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group.

When developing the space in the Metaverse, the two companies agreed on three principles that should receive special attention in this project:

  • Protecting children’s right to play and play Security and luxury Make it a priority.
  • The aggregate of children by putting their well-being first.
  • Giving children and adults the means to enhance their digital experience to control yourself.

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What is metaverse?

Metaverse One Vision, where the virtual world and reality are merged. Can people there in 3D world Work, learn, play and more. It aims to enable people to interact and work together radical change, where one can meet at any time in the Metaverse without having to be together physically. You must almost have the possibilities that this world offers Boundless He is.