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Der Black Friday bei Amazon mit LEGO Angeboten startet heute um Mitternacht

LEGO Amazon Black Friday Deals: Discounts from midnight!

Amazon Black Friday with LEGO Deals starts today at midnight: What to consider about discounts.

It’s confusing and it’s going to be confusing these days, but the one The countdown to Black Friday has begunAfter it is already in Great offers in the past days gave. So no time to take a deep breath! shopping giant Amazon 🛒 Records himself in the record:

Black Friday starts today at midnight.

Keep in mind that this applies to Amazon, LEGO offers deals only via its own store @ home Thursday nights from midnight. On Amazon, “Break” starts tonight from Wednesday to Thursday!

Can you count on good LEGO deals?

As in the previous year, the actual Black Friday runs on Amazon as part of Black Friday week over two days. He says: The discount offer starts today at midnight It ends at midnight on Friday.

It’s not clear how many good LEGO shows there will be And whether exclusive collections, some of which Amazon has in its collection, will also be among the discounted ones. But speculating on everything does not help us: we are waiting for things!

However: those stone offerings that will be available from midnight can of course be sold out quickly. So it makes sense to stay up until midnight – so you’ll be on the lookout for a deal or two. Anyway, we here in the Ukonio building will hold our position And edit this article in the middle of the night, once it becomes clear if and which LEGO sets are among the shows.

With all the Amazon campaigns in recent years, many discounted LEGO sets were still available in the morning. But one show or another one was sold out overnight. Of course, no one can say in advance how it will be this time. We will definitely keep you informed!

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🛎️ advice: If you don’t want to miss the latest LEGO offers, follow us Gladly in Telegram And Instagram. We will also be reporting on these channels from midnight, if you are only monitoring your smartphone while you are half asleep. as always: Do not panic! It’s just crazy deal days. 😉

Your opinion!

Have you bought enough LEGO sets for your “own needs” and as a gift these past few days and weeks, or are you hoping to get really good discounts on LEGO sets from midnight? If you have any questions or have an opinion about the next LEGO shows from Midnight, as always, feel free to comment in the comments!