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LeBron James admits to "accountability": American sport is relieved by Floyd's judgment

LeBron James admits to “accountability”: American sport is relieved by Floyd’s judgment

The conviction in the murder of George Floyd Black brought satisfaction and comfort in American sport. Basketball star LeBron James tweeted just one word Tuesday evening: “Accountability.” Shortly before, a Minneapolis jury found former white cop Derek Chauvin guilty of killing unarmed Floyd during his May 2020 arrest.

“The killing of George Floyd was a focal point in the way we view race and justice in our country. We are also pleased to see that justice has been served,” said Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, and Michael Roberts, executive director of the NBPA Players Association, in a joint statement. sound “.

Floyd’s death, in which police violence against “people of color” reached its peak, caused a great deal of sympathy in American sports and visible protests the year before, especially black athletes who supported the Black Lives Matter movement. Chauvin had pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, and her repeated saying “I can’t breathe” became the movement’s slogan.

The NHL ice hockey federation, which is predominantly white, also commented immediately after the referee was announced. “We hope the end of the process will provide an opportunity for recovery,” she said in a statement: “We will continue to work actively for equality and call on our fans to support us in systemic change.”

The WNBA stressed that it will continue to act against injustice in the United States. However, she has also indicated in her communication that for now, too often, the end result is not PoC fairness.