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Lebanon: France, Germany and the United States pledge massive financial assistance

On the first anniversary of the Almighty Explosion in the port of Beirut The bereaved, angry and in tears, demanded clarification of the reasons. “This is a sad day for all Lebanese people – even though we survived this massive explosion, we died inside,” said Rita Hassan, whose house was destroyed in the disaster. “Since yesterday I have been feeling pain all over my body, as if the scars from my wounds had re-opened,” said Inam Kajal, who was critically injured and had to be stitched with more than 200 stitches. Protesters with relatives, doctors, nurses and national flags gathered at the port and in the city center of Beirut.

On August 4, 2020, hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in a warehouse in the port of Beirut. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station, killing at least 200 people and wounding hundreds more in the Lebanese capital.

At a donor conference, the United States, France and Germany pledged millions in aid. The government in Paris on Wednesday pledged 100 million euros and the federal republic 40 million euros. “The real and long-term situation can only be improved by establishing an efficient Lebanese government aimed at implementing the reforms demanded by the people,” the foreign office said.

America said Lebanon Nearly $ 100 million (மில்லியன் 84 million) in aid. President of the United States Joe Biden But he also stressed reform: “If the Lebanese leadership does not promise to do the hard but necessary work to reform the economy and fight corruption, support from outside will not be enough,” he said. And the President of France Emmanuel Macron The video was harshly criticized at the beginning of the conference: “Lebanese leaders seem to have relied on a belated strategy, which I regret and consider a historic and moral mistake.”

Lebanese President Michael Aun has called for unity in the international community. “Lebanon is going through a difficult time right now,” he said, but stressed: “Today we are at a new stage.” He hoped that a new government would soon be formed that could implement the necessary reforms. International Monetary Fund (IMF) President Kristalina Georgieva has called on a government to revive the country’s ailing economy. At the same time, the country’s reserves pledged $ 860 million.