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Learner ride with a rental car - Confusion over Mobility learner ride offers - News

Learner ride with a rental car – Confusion over Mobility learner ride offers – News


Mobility attracted educated drivers with a “deductible 300”. Those affected pay much more after body damage.

Lynn Scherer supported her brother Bjorn in learning to drive. For this training drive, the two rented a car from Mobility. During the end of 2021 flight, there were body damages. The student driving the car, Bjorn, had mixed the brakes with gas when he stopped. Sister and co-driver Lynn took it simple: “We thought it was easy, regardless of the repair costs, we would not have to pay more than 300 francs. That’s what we agreed with Mobility. “

Misleading “deductible amount 300”

Mobility has been offering a car-sharing subscription especially to educated drivers for years. Half a year for 49 francs, including “300 deductible”. After the claim, however, Mobility demanded a deduction of about 900 francs from student driver Björn. The nurse does not accept this and contacts Mobility: “You said you have to pay attention to the little stars. It can be seen that there is an additional fee of 500-1,000 francs for new or young drivers. This is definitely not a “300 for a discount” for me. ”

Deductible 1900 instead of 300 francs

Lawrence Wellner and Michael Sommer are also training to drive together. Also with commuter cars. Lawrence, the young, educated driver, is supposed to pay a rebate of 1,900 francs. For the damage you didn’t even cause. Only the two noticed the fender damage caused by the previous renter while driving.

For co-driver Michael Somer, it was clear: “We have to report this damage. We didn’t cause it. I had a feeling that nothing could happen to us. I know Mobility is a very convenient company. »

But Mobility demanded the young customer a whopping 1,900 francs for the damage she did not cause. Co-driver Somer no longer understood the world: “As a Mobility customer, I suppose 300 francs means 300 francs. The fact that it must suddenly be 1,900 francs scared me a little. To me, this is clearly a decoy show.”

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While the “Kassensturz” search was still going on, Mobility removed the misleading phrase “Deductible 300” from the website.

In an interview with “Kassensturz”, press spokesperson Stefan Ruschi admits: “In retrospect, one would have to say that the term ‘300 deductible’ was not optimal. Although this 300 francs covers 95 percent of our customers. But it can be It certainly leads to a misunderstanding of new and young drivers.”

For this reason, Mobility changed the wording to “reduce liability”. Anyone who clicks on the “Reduce Liability” link on the website or in the app sees the actual withholding amount. Depending on age and driving experience, a multiple of 300 francs.

Mobility rejects the accusation against Cassinstores. Additional fees for learners are clearly stated in the General Terms and Conditions. But the ad was glossy with the phrase “300 deductible.” Learner Driver Lawrence Wellner criticizes: “As someone learning to drive, I trust the information provided by the provider. I find it doubtful that the surcharge was phrased in such a subtle way.”