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Laura Muller and Michael Wendler: A rare video of two people!  "The party continues here."

Laura Muller and Michael Wendler: A rare video of two people! “The party continues here.”

scandal, Rumors And financial problems: in life Michael Wendler (49) and Laura Muller (21) There seems to be a lot going on. Even if the pop star and influencer continues to emerge. There are rarely clear comments on their situation. Wendler and his young wife prefer to enjoy life in their chosen home, Florida. There is shopping Until the credit card lights upBusy on Instagram The ad drum has movedTo make the record ring and cuddle to share the love with fans. Even if this happens much less often than it did a few months ago. But of course Michael Wendler and Laura Muller wore the scariest clothes of the year. The sexy Halloween costume of the 21-year-old can only be recognized as such. And while everyone in Germany is still speculating about how much money Wendler really still has in his account, the pop singer and his loved ones let the rip. Including the hugs on Instagram, of course – and Laura’s lips somehow look plump.

Want to know how Laura and Wendler celebrate Halloween, what words they use to address fans and how Laura looks different? We show you in the video above.

Laura Muller admits: ‘I’m random’

But their lives don’t always look as magical as Michael Wendler and Laura Mueller would like to portray it. Here and there are setbacks, little moments when the couple seems to realize that the gold that glitters isn’t all gold. The influencer admitted this once on Instagram and confessed to her fans: “I’m random.”