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Laura has changed him drastically

Laura has changed him drastically

Laura Mueller, wife of Michael Wendler, recently returned to Instagram. Fans have to watch the last video twice…

The basics in brief

  • Laura Müller has changed a lot since 2019.
  • The expert finds: The lips, nose, and eyebrows look completely different.
  • Did Michael Wendler’s wife allow herself to be put under the knife?

For a long time there was a radio silence with German influencer Laura Muller (20), and now the beauty reports Instagram back. Notable: Michael Wendler’s wife (48) sees very different.

Dr. Average. Wolfgang J. Kümpel, Beauty Doc from Berlin, takes a closer look at two photos of the American by choosing at the request of “Bunte”: one from 2019 and one from her last Instagram-a story.

The expert notes: “The lips appear fuller eyebrows higher and the tip of the nose is more sensitive.”

Here hyaluronic acid and Botox were used and Laura’s nose was corrected, she is Dr. Comple sure.

Hui! she has 20 years Actually under the knife? Maybe there was only one here Instagram-Filter in action.

One thing is for sure: husband Michael Wendler has already undergone many plastic procedures. Become a fallen pop star straighten your nose The skin is injected with soft Botox.

Do you think Laura Muller was at the plastic surgery doctor?

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