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Laura breaks her silence after criticism online

Laura breaks her silence after criticism online

Laura Muller, wife of Michael Wendler, is trying the role of the influencer again. After a severe storm, she broke her silence.

The basics in brief

  • Michael Wendler and Laura Mueller have lost several jobs in the past few months.
  • The 20-year-old wants to start again as an influencer and receives a lot of criticism for it.
  • Now the beautiful brunette is breaking her silence.

This comeback was so bad!

For a long time there was calm about (20 years old) Laura Muller, the wife by Michael Wendler (48). Then the big return!

As Wendler announced, the beauty wants to start over as an influencer. Posted in her story Previous – “Let’s Dance” – Star Some “absolutely cool” clothes from a German fashion brand. How is it influential So of course it belongs to the associated discount code and link.

Then the new “employer” took a huge storm. On the clothing brand’s account there are comments like “Ms. Muller is promoting it? Then no thanks” and “Please check with the advertising partners. Nobody wants to see or hear Laura Muller!”

Michael Wendler: Laura got a bullshit storm

Even days later, there was no official statement from the company. But now the brand is sharing a video of model Dorsa Hellag, who is also advertising for the store. And she correctly distributes it to the critics!

“I just don’t see Laura getting into such a violent storm,” the influencer says. Then she performed in parallel with Kasia Lenhardt (25), who followed suit a few months ago bully Take a life on the net.

Hallaj: «[Laura] Love this guy because he is and not how you want to love him. What can a woman do for her, why is she exposed to such a strong storm.” Then she says: “Everyone goes to his account and leaves a little the love Give “.

Wendler’s wife gratefully shared the video and wrote, “Great words from a woman. Thank you very much!”

Are you looking forward to the return of Laura Muller?

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