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Launching or expanding new iOS features in 2023

The information provided is up to date iOS 17 It’s still completely manageable. However, some new features and modifications can be expected. The innovations and changes from Safari range more Apple Pay To protect data.

Seven iOS innovations coming in 2023

iOS 16 is still quite fresh, and iOS 17 won’t be released until fall 2023. At WWDC 2023 at the latest, expected in the first week of June, what’s going on will be officially revealed. Iphone And the IPAD With the next major update. colleagues from Mac rumors I have already provided an overview of expected iOS innovations for the year and make predictions for apps and services.

Online push notifications

Already known from other browsers, now Safari for iOS will open its doors to the possibility of allowing websites to notify the user. Apple previously announced that iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will get subscription support for web-based push notifications in 2023.

Apple Pay later and more

Apple Pay Later functionality, which offers short installments, is initially limited to the USA WWDC 2022 conference There was talk of the fact that bill amounts could be divided into four installments without additional costs. The company will make the functionality available as an update to its Wallet app, but since this is missing in the first beta of iOS 16.3, the release will follow iOS 16.4 as soon as possible.

The long-awaited Apple Card Savings Account is also introduced. The feature, which was implemented in the US with partner bank Goldman Sachs, had already appeared in the release notes for the iOS 16.1 release candidate, but was then pulled. It is not present in the iOS 16.3 test build, so the release seems to be delayed.

Apple ID security key

Already in the iOS 16.3 beta there is a new Security Key feature for Apple IDs. Apple has announced here that the global release will happen in 2023. The simple way it works: In order to be able to better protect accounts, hardware security keys can also be used in the future, which are then combined into two-factor authentication. However, Apple itself does not want to provide such keys.

Next generation car toys

Apple Car Play just got smarter this year. Announced modifications: significantly better integration of on-board systems such as climate control and radio, as well as support for multiple monitors and different resolutions. Last but not least, old tools have been revamped and new ones announced.

Expanded data protection

Active in the USA since the release of iOS 16.1, Apple will also expand data protection in other countries in 2023. This end-to-end encryption extends to many additional areas of iCloud, including backups, photos, notes, reminders, Voice Memos, and more . With iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.4, the functionality is expected to be introduced in other countries. Apple itself had said that “the rest of the world” would be supplied in the spring of 2023.

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