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Late night USA.  Trump is on a "revenge tour" with radically loyal candidates.

Late night USA. Trump is on a “revenge tour” with radically loyal candidates.

Donald Trump (left) plays golf in New Jersey: Seth Meyers believes the former president is on a “revenge tour.”

YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

When Republicans nominate their primary candidates, Trump steps in. Only those who reject his resignation as drastically as them get his support. A danger to democracy, warns Seth Meyers.

Seth Meyers began his monologue on his “Late Night” show that “it has never been more important than now to hold accountable to the people who nearly brought down our democracy on January 6th.” “because they are [ihrem Ziel] They are very close and will definitely do it again if they get the chance.”

Myers talks about a clear plan that is tearing apart US conservatives: In the current US primaries, as parties pick their best candidates for the next election, Donald Trump is trying to bolster his loyal followers.

They are around Election deniersThose who doubt that Joe Biden will win the election clarifies the following news clip. They sometimes compete against established Republicans. This constellation is particularly interesting in Arizona, which has a Republican governor but still recognizes Biden’s narrow election victory in the state in 2020.

Trump with Carrie Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona.

YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

In Arizona, Trump launched an “all-out attack on it [republikanische] An institution that did not go along with his false electoral claims,” the announcer explains. “Arizona is a state retaliating for Trump. He has two candidates [für Posten] From the Senate to Minister of Foreign Affairs proposed to control the upcoming presidential elections.”

“Arizona is a state in retaliation for him.”

“Sorry, Arizona is a vengeful state for him,” Myers wonders. “What does he want to do? Shall we live there, there is nothing more indicative of a split in the Union than a former president in vengeance. Past presidents usually retire to quiet lives, getting paid for their speaking engagements and celebrity golf tournaments.”

Late night USA – Understanding America

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50 countries, 330 million people, and more opinions: How are you supposed to “understand America”? If you want to keep an overview without running around, you need a beacon. The Late Night Stars offer one of the best navigational aids: they are the perfect guides, ruthlessly naming the country’s shoals and its people, and serving our author Philip Dehm as a comedic compass for the state of mind of the American spirit.

So Trump is on a “revenge tour” and travels across the country to support candidates “who will help him fix the 2024 election if they get to office.” Myers knows the 76-year-old has yet to announce that he will compete again. “It just offers some subtle hints.”

Just like last week on a golf course in New Jersey, when Trump answered the question in a raspy voice: “You’d be very happy.” The mediator is sure: “Trump is on his way to attempt another coup in 2024.” And even if the New Yorker isn’t nominated, his followers can still block Democratic procedures.

First it smells of fraud – then it’s on top

In Arizona, Trump’s disciples have either triumphed on very different levels or been in the lead, Myers explains. The candidate for governor is Carrie Lake. In the 5.12-minute clip, she said, “Anyone who participated in this corrupt, shady, shabby election of 2020 – lock them up!”

Not a typical Republican: Lake was a journalist and Republican until 2006, then registered as an independent and finally as a Democrat in 2008. In 2012 she rejoined the Republicans.

YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

“Shut up,” she says. “Lock It Up” – Hillary Clinton’s old Trump mantra is back. As Lake says, “We want people to be arrested, charged, and arrested.” He describes 52-year-old Joe Biden as an “illegitimate president.” But the false press wants us to believe the guy got 81 million votes.

Apparently many voted Democrats, says Myers. Because: “Compete with Donald Trump.” However, it is really “ironic and important” that Lake also talks about fraud on election night because she’s late. When she tops Karen Taylor Robson, coincidentally backed by Mike Pence, on the count, it’s quickly forgotten.

“big huge piles”

This is how elections are conducted, Myers says: Votes are counted and who gets ahead changes from time to time. with it can Election deniers No overrun, as Trump shows at the end of November 2020. He sniffs the ballot papers that have been pushed out: “This election is over, and then they piled it up. They call it piles — big, huge piles.”

Trump explained to “Fox News” on November 29, 2020 that Biden only won because “large piles” of ballot papers were illegally handed over.

YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

“Remember how the leader of the free world complained about the gigantic mounds? Like working in the elephant pen at the Bronx Zoo? “Gopf, who gave cheesecake to the elephants? It would take days to clean it up.”

The case of Cary Lake shows that large piles are OK as long as they lie on the right side. “It shows that this is all nonsense, a made-up excuse to justify what they want.” However, there is a more dangerous candidate – the candidate for president Minister of Foreign Affairswho endorses things and also votes on the job.

About goats into a gardener

An 8.51-minute clip presented by Mark Finchem, one Election Denier With links to the far right Section guards, who was present at the storming of the Capitol on January 6. “This is crazy,” the host says. We cannot allow a man who wanted to overturn the last elections to control the upcoming elections.”

Republican candidate for office Minister of Foreign AffairsMark Fenchem. Myers says it would be “crazy” to win.

YouTube / Late Night with Seth Meyers

You have to stop these guys now before it’s too late. That’s why Myers is encouraged that the Justice Department is moving forward with its investigation on January 6: Former close Trump adviser Pat Cipollone has been called to testify about the events.

The speaker in the 10.14-minute news segment assesses the whole thing as an “aggressive move” by the authority. The only thing that isn’t clear is what investigation is involved: the investigation into the storming of the Capitol or which is supposed to show how to prepare fake voters.