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Laser attack on state machinery: Australia considers harassment by Chinese navy

Laser attack on state machinery: Australia considers harassment by Chinese navy

Laser attack on state machinery
Australia blames China for naval harassment

Last week two Chinese naval vessels sailed off the north coast of Australia. While a surveillance plane was patrolling the area, they apparently grabbed a government laser pointer and aimed at the cockpit. The Australian government is deeply dissatisfied.

The Chinese naval vessel laser has been pointed at an Australian surveillance aircraft that could “endanger lives”, according to the Australian government. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken of a “baseless and unwarranted” act of intimidation. Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton has accused the People’s Republic of “aggressive harassment” that could endanger the health of the crew.

He said the incident took place off the coast of North Australia last Thursday. Dutton, in Canberra, said two ships of the Chinese navy were sailing in the Arabian Sea there. One of them pointed a laser at an Australian military surveillance aircraft. A crew of ten was on board.

This Australian Government Map shows the route of Chinese ships.

(Photo: Government of Australia)

The Australian Ministry of Defense has published one on its website Description and many more pictures From the incident. It shows two ships of the Chinese Navy and the course they have sailed over the past few days. Accordingly, they were recorded on February 11 south of the Indonesian island of Java. Six days later, a laser incident occurred in the Arabian Sea. They then continued their course eastward and entered the Coral Sea via the Torres Strait.

“I think the Chinese government hopes that no one will talk about such harassment,” Dutton told Sky News. “But incidents like this can lead to blindness on the part of the film crew. It’s very aggressive, so we need to talk about it openly.” China did not initially respond to Australian allegations.