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Laschet or Soder - Does Etihad Want the Best Candidate or the Best Adviser?  - News

Laschet or Soder – Does Etihad Want the Best Candidate or the Best Adviser? – News


For those interested in politics, it is more exciting than the “crime scene” every Sunday. The media and politics on Sunday evening baffled who would become the federation’s candidate for chancellor. The media see minor advantages in the president of the CDU, Armin Laschet. Opinion polls speak for the Bavarian Prime Minister, Marcus Söder.

In the CDU, it is said that Armin Laschet will be the best advisor, but Marcus Söder may be the best candidate for chancellor, and he is the best horse in the election campaign. Quite possibly the duel has yet to be decided, but the final opinions will be brought up at the exploratory talks Monday night.

The most important meeting of CDU

The party presidency of the CDU will meet on Monday with attendance and on Sunday evening for an informal tour, also allegedly with Chancellor Angela Merkel, to glimpse the mood. Armin Laschet needs clear support from the Presidency on Monday in order to be able to run for the chancellor despite poor poll results. If he gets it, the smaller CSU won’t have a chance. If he doesn’t receive it, the road is free for Marcus Söder.

But that will have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond the candidate issue. Newly elected CDU leader will be shirked after last president Angret Kramp Karenbauer was a lame duck for a year.

Fixed role distribution between CDU and CSU will not work. The CSU chancellor will only have the smallest party behind him in the federal government. The strength of the CSU in Bavaria has always been nourished by its self-image as a reformer of Berlin and defender of Bavaria, that is, as an “opposition” in the government. This is no longer possible with a CSU consultant.

Who is the best for the period after Corona?

During the pandemic, Marcus Söder was able to sell better than Armin Laschet, who in turn is considered a politician who can integrate a variety of camps. As of late summer this year, the focus will not be on the pandemic, but on dealing with its economic, social and international consequences, as strategists in the CDU predict. So not the topic that Marcus Söder recorded.

Does Etihad want the best candidate or the best advisor? This is the union dilemma. We’ll know the answer at the earliest on Monday, at the latest in about ten days.