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Landtag - Wittenburg - AfD list: three candidates in eight hours - Politics

Landtag – Wittenburg – AfD list: three candidates in eight hours – Politics

State Parliament – Wittenberg:AfD roster: Three nominees in eight hours

Nicholas Kramer, chair of the AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Photo: Stefan Sauer / dpa / archive image (Photo: dpa)

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Wittenberg (dpa/MV) – The AfD’s list for the September 26 state elections advanced slowly on Saturday in Wittenberg (Ludwigslust-Parsheim district). In eight hours, the party was able to identify three candidates. Several applicants ran for each of the eleventh individual positions. The state election assembly, in which nearly 200 party members took part, is scheduled to run late into the evening and run into Sunday.

The meeting in Wittenberg is a continuation of a state election meeting in Chemnitz (Vorpommern-Greifswald) a month ago. The party took only tenth place on the list. Nikolaus Kramer, head of the AfD parliamentary group, was chosen as the first candidate. In second place was Representative Horst Forster, in third place was Tomas de Jesus Fernandez, who is also a member of the state parliament. The AfD currently includes 14 of the 71 deputies in the Schwerin state parliament, making it the largest opposition faction.

On Saturday, Michael Meister of Rostock was elected 11th, Jan-Philippe Tadsen of Schwerin 12th and Jens Holger Schneider of the state parliament from Schwerin 13th. The AfD wants to occupy the list’s positions up to the 20th place in individual votes, after which it is voted on in two blocs from five to the 30th place.

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