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Ländle-Bank Alpinum: CEO on board - 11 months later

Ländle-Bank Alpinum: CEO on board – 11 months later

No communication, no official announcement. Just an automated email reply. Mr. Antonio Ferrante is no longer employed by Albinum Bank AG. Your email will not be sent.”

Oops. Ferranti It was seen as a beacon of hope for Liechtenstein’s small bank, which came about after last year’s turmoil Reboot started.

New owner Günther Walcher, founder Ski data And the investor in the German title that grabs the headlines Adler Real Estate GroupAlpinum should make it into shape.

With Antonio Ferrante, the entrepreneur from Austria had a firm figure at the helm. Ferrante worked with CS for a long time, then briefly ran Saxo Bank of Switzerland before switching to cryptocurrency.

With Walcher as a major shareholder and Ferrant as the new CEO, Bank Alpinum wanted to let go of its old scandals.

Businessman with a bank facility (Facebook)

The journey into the future began in October 2021. Now, in September 2022, it will end.

At least for Ferrante. Alpinum’s Chief Financial Officer, A young HSG graduate.

The reasons for Ferrante’s exit through the rear exit are unclear.

According to a source, there has been a crisis between the board of directors and the CEO for some time. The requested transformation has not yet succeeded.

In addition, there are problems with the exchange with the regulator. The source says Ferrante is now being defamed as a scapegoat.

in Austrian payment (Youtube)

Owner Walcher deals with it Busy Cevdet Kaner. He was appointed as the CEO of his Luxembourg investment firm, Aggregate.

Kanner has repeatedly made headlines about major real estate crises, most recently with German Adler Group. Around the real estate tycoon, CS and other banks appeared among the major lenders.