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Landing Accuracy in Remeasurement: The Hanover Marathon Was Long Enough | - Sports

Landing Accuracy in Remeasurement: The Hanover Marathon Was Long Enough | – Sports

Status: 04/12/2022 09:51 AM

Everything is clear to Hendrik Pfeiffer: the distance he ran in the Hanover Marathon on April 3 was long enough. This was the result of the re-measurement on Tuesday evening.

According to the survey, the leading group accidentally traveled a small short 42.196 kilometers. Accurate landing! The German champion Pfeifer, who wants to participate in his first European Championships in August, has fulfilled the required criteria of the German Athletics Federation (DLV).

In general, the buffer is taken into account when planning the route for 42.195 kilometers. Its height is basically 42 meters, it is even slightly more than that in Hanover.

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The leadership group was misguided at one point. Last but not least, this could have disastrous consequences for Germany’s champions. more

The leading group is misleading shortly before the end

The Olympian from TV Wattenscheid was misled at one point with the lead group and initially followed the half-marathon rather than the marathon streak unnoticed. As the lines met again at a bend, the energetic people quickly got back on track – but the road was shorter, organization director Stephanie Eshel told NDR.

Pfeiffer qualified for the European and World Championships

Pfeiffer, who won the race in 2:10:59 hours, has the benchmark for both the World Championships (2:11:30) in Eugene, USA in July and the European Championships (2:14:30) in August cracked Munich. The period of fulfilling the criteria ends on April 30, on May 2 and 3 the marathon teams are nominated for the world and European championships. Pfeiffer aims to participate in continental title battles.

Map: 42.195 kilometers across Hanover

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