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Land Rover shows off a new Range Rover that wants to be in the CO2 sink with Tesla >

Similar to the luxury brand Rolls-Royce, the They recently introduced the first fully electric carEarly Land Rover SUVs were also suitable for electrics due to their size and class. But here, too, you have to wait first – in the case of Land Rover until 2024, the British brand announced this week. Together with Jaguar, where the all-electric I-Pace is available, it now belongs to the Indian Tata Group. Jaguar Land Rover has now introduced the classic Range Rover as a thick battery-powered hybrid option. However, it became known that the company wanted to join the CO2 pool with Tesla in order to comply with the EU fleet limits.

Plug-in hybrid as counterweight to V8

The new Range Rover can now be ordered and is more luxurious than ever. It is not an SUV, as critics often call these vehicles, but an off-road vehicle. Land Rover confirms it In his press release, With a luxury in front of him, he writes, he has been a “good role model” for more than five decades.

Of course, this only affects the environmental aspects insofar as the Range Rover has always been there to “bringly push the limits,” he says. It works more easily with the new model, for example when it comes to the EU limit values ​​for CO2 emissions at the fleet level of new vehicles. According to a report by automotive analyst Matthias Schmidt, Jaguar Land Rover is a niche manufacturer and therefore only has to achieve a relative 131.8 grams per kilometer. With a twin-turbo V8 with a displacement of 5 liters, the Range Rover P530 should indicate the new-generation’s peak CO2 at 294 grams.

As a counterweight, the manufacturer sets a value of less than 30 grams per kilometer for Range Rover in two new plug-in versions. Unlike the diesel and gasoline hybrid versions, they can only be ordered from the beginning of 2022. The purely electric range of the plug-in hybrid is 100 kilometers. It has a battery totaling 38.2 kWh – more than some small electric cars without the aid of a combustion engine. Range Rover itself as a purely electric car shouldn’t come until 2024, as mentioned only briefly.

Jaguar Land Rover will in the Tesla Bowl

Additional hybrids from 2022 could help, but at least for the current year, it looks like Land Rover still has a surplus CO2 fleet to work with Jaguar. Without mentioning the present value, Schmidt analyst reported This week, Jaguar Land Rover wants to join the CO2 pool that Tesla recently registered with Honda in the EU. This is a method of pooling fleet emissions from manufacturers above and below EU borders in order to generally comply with them. As a pure and largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla has the most pool space and can sell to competitors.

The EU’s Tesla pool currently includes only Honda, yet a profitable one The agreement with Fiat-Chrysler has expired after its merger into the new Stellantis Group had become. According to Schmidt, the two companies have now registered with the European Union their intention to take on Jaguar Land Rover. This should initially apply only to 2021 — but if small car battery hybrids aren’t available and were purchased early in 2022 and in large enough quantities, Tesla credit may still be needed next year.