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Land allows Tesla to test another 2000 Model Y from Giga Berlin >

Instead of the expected final approval for the entire project, Tesla received another pre-approval for its Gigafactory in Grünheide, near Berlin. This came from a decision by the Brandenburg State Office of the Environment, which was published by a local monitor on Friday. Accordingly, shortly before Christmas, the company applied to be allowed to significantly expand the tests and trial runs of its allowed systems in October, significantly beyond the previous level – with success: after the first 250, Tesla is now allowed to build another 2,000 complete Model Y. in Grunheide.

Tesla’s new app before Christmas

Also shortly before Christmas, the Brandenburg state government had all the documents it needed to get the Gigafactory’s final approval. A senior official from the environment ministry confirmed this in the state parliament this week and said authorities were now about to start the final stage of their decision. But he also reported it Tesla is not yet satisfied with the results of previous factory tests Therefore, I applied for more preliminary examinations in parallel.

with New notification allowed them. Each of the 13 tool kits in the printing workshop is allowed to produce another 2000 pieces, and can be assembled together in the bodywork workshop, given color in the painting workshop and the tested result in the final assembly. Giga pistons for the rear and possibly also the front frame elements of the Model Y are not mentioned in the approval, but the pre-approval from the end of October should suffice for them: At that time, the state allowed TeslaTo produce 20,000 pieces by large die casting machines.

According to observers, Tesla has practically exhausted its previously registered 250 Model Ys in the past few weeks. Over and over again they saw Electric cars from the factory building on the site They stand, some of them have already been moved (see photo above), apparently up to Norway. Without a new permit, former employees of the Gigafactory almost had to put their hands on their laps.

Giga factory quality is still ‘poor’

At the same time, it is clear from the text of the decision that additional tests are indeed necessary and are not only intended to block time until final approval. In its statement of reasons, the Environment Agency wrote: “Parts and/or bodies manufactured or joined as part of system tests demonstrate poor quality that deviates significantly from system specifications.” In this regard, it is understood that the newly ordered tests “represent the indispensable minimum of the respective test procedures”.

It should be for at least four weeks Tesla is now busy with the new 2000 Model Y. Because the permit limits the paint to a maximum of 500 car bodies per week, for example. In theory, the final approval could come during this period, because the request for this will continue in parallel, according to the Ministry of the Environment. But Tesla’s German plant doesn’t seem technologically advanced enough to start production of the Model Y for customers.