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Lana Del Rey says goodbye to 20 million fans

Lana Del Rey says goodbye to 20 million fans

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No, the singer did not announce the end of her career, she deactivated her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

14.09.2021, 15:1314.09.2021, 15:23

American singer Lana Del Rey has more than 20 million fans on Instagram, but her account is no longer available. And not only that: The 36-year-old also deactivated her Twitter account. I’m sick of Lana Del Rey Social media. The six-time Grammy-nominated currently doesn’t want to be active on any of the platforms – and she’s deleted her accounts.

The singer knows how important presence is. But she also emphasizes her desire for more privacy. “For now, I think I will keep my circle a little closer and develop other skills and interests,” the singer explains in a recent Instagram video.

“I’m still there and I love what I do.”

She added that she is still working on her eighth album and books of short poems. “I’m still there and I love what I do,” Del Rey says. The singer finished her video clip before deleting her accounts “So thank you very much and I’m going out.”

“Can I please sing again about how good it feels when you’re in love, even if the relationship isn’t perfect?”

Del Rey left it open whether her withdrawal had anything to do with social hostility. In the past, it has been accused, among other things, of racism. The reason for this is this comment: «Now Doja Kat, Ariana [Grande]Camila [Cabello]And Cardi B, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé all took the top spot with songs that talk about being sexy – can I sing again about how in love you feel, even if the relationship isn’t perfect? ».

Because Del Rey compared herself to dark-skinned musicians, she was dumped Racism before. “I could literally name anyone, but I chose my favorite singers. Never, ever, never ever call me a racist again, because that’s nonsense,” the singer protested when she was still active on social media.

Condolences to the fans

For fans, there’s nothing left for the eye on social media, except for the ear: The singer released a new single “Arcadia” last week, and her eighth album, “Blue Banners,” is due to be released at the end of October. (cst)

Lana del Rey mit Fans


Lana del Rey mit Fans

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