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La Liga is not allowed to play games in the USA

La Liga is not allowed to play games in the USA

La Liga has to make outsourcing plans for their games.

Spanish football’s hopes of hosting a first-class match in the USA have once again suffered a severe setback. The Higher Regional Court of Madrid has upheld a court ruling as of March 2020, that the matches of the Spanish Championship cannot be held abroad. The court rejected LaLiga’s appeal against that decision on Thursday.

And the Spanish federation, which opposed the league’s plans, celebrated the ruling: “This is the second time the courts have looked into this matter and this time also the league’s position has been rejected.” The LaLiga project was not only denounced by RFEF President Luis Rubiales. Several top-flight clubs also spoke of “distorting the competition”, but it was also opposed by FIFA.

The conflict has been going on for nearly three years. La Liga wanted to host the second round match between FC Girona and Barcelona in Miami, Florida, in the 2018-2019 season. “It is about a long-term strategy for international growth (for Spanish football),” she said. In spreading its brand, LaLiga wanted – and still wants – to follow the lead of the major sports leagues in the US, some of which have been playing games abroad for several years.