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Kumba Su - "Ronaldina", who once cheered with beer in the stands - Sports

Kumba Su – “Ronaldina”, who once cheered with beer in the stands – Sports


National gymnast Kumba Sue talks about her title and time in the United States on “Panorama Sports” before EM.

Kumba Sue has always been passionate about football. She often played football and was also good at it, which earned her a very special nickname:

“Ronaldina,” everyone on the soccer field told me. I always watched Ronaldinho’s videos, wanted his shoes and wore a hair tie like him. I would like to get to know him.

But soon Ronaldina’s duties waited, too. High school for example. It wasn’t always easy to reconcile this with her passion for football. Sow took a bold step:

When I was 19, I went to the United States. When I finished high school and played in Zurich, it was difficult to combine these two things. In the US, I could do both, and I didn’t have to choose one.

That was in 2015. That was exactly the year the World Cup was held in Canada – with the participation of Switzerland. Sue was still a fan in the stands at the time:

I was in the VIP box, backing Switzerland with a drink in my hand. I told Eseosa (Aigbogun), who was in the team at the time, that I wanted to be a player in the next World Cup.

Now the 27-year-old will be participating in the Swiss women’s next big event, EM 2022 in England. Another person close to Sou and crazy about football, just like her cousin Gabriel Soo. They are in regular contact, about him she says:

He will always be a little cousin, there is nothing wrong with that. We learned to play football together, and I was better than him for a while. After puberty, he left me behind. We see each other 2 or 3 times a year.

It is very likely that Komba Sue will exchange ideas with her cousin and pick up tips before the start of the European Championship: the Eintracht midfielder managed to participate in the European Championship in 2021 with the Swiss men’s national team …