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Kruse does what he wants |  football

Kruse does what he wants | football

  • FromThomas Kellchenstein


If you bring in the professional Max Kruse, you get an authentic free spirit, a brilliant footballer who knows how the game works.

Basically, the Bundesliga should be glad that there are still rare specimens like Max Kruse: real men. He is someone who does not care what is said or written about him, he does what he wants as he pleases. The fact that neither Gerd Muller nor Oliver Bierhoff or Maradona comes to mind when asked does not bother him as long as he has a prize money of €100,000. He insults half a district (“Ruhrpott-Assis”), destroys the Bild reporter’s mobile phone, forgets 75,000 euros in a taxi, plays poker, even smokes hookah, sometimes comes to train at Maserati (“Maserati- Max”) or, later in Gladbach , with a car in camouflaged colors, which the street classified as “the ugliest car in the league”. He is said to have ordered the women to go to the hotel room during an international match with the Goji boys. He owns a motorsports team, his ten-year-old son lives in the USA, and he proposed to his wife via a TV interview from the Olympics. It’s all Max Kruse, who is instead described as Filou, Hallodri or the head of the character, and a bit more. What he does in his spare time is none of anyone’s business, although everyone notices as long as he performs, he says. He sings “The Voice” in Turkey.

This Max Kruse is really a number and a personality: ungrouped, honest and straightforward. He does not allow himself to be dictated, and so is said to be sorely lacking everywhere in the simplified world of league: a brand, a unicum, a star, or someone with jagged edges not subject to the rules of his game. Still funky.

The fact that he is now moving from sportingly ambitious FC Union Berlin to Volkswagen in Wolfsburg in the relegation battle is fitting. There is more to be gained there. What do Mathematical Advantages count when the bank account fills up faster elsewhere? And this is Max Kroos, too: he does not beat the bush, and frankly says that the contract at Wolfsburg is “extremely talented”. Even his move from Bremen to Fenerbahce was for financial reasons only, the Turks paid him an annual salary of six million euros. He plays Kruse where he earns the most money.

Fundamentalists may condemn this mercenary position. Also includes the fact: Max Kruse makes the team better, he is the difference player because of which the team wins. Without Kroos, the Federation would not have made it to the European stage. Kruse can play soccer, better, smarter, smarter, smarter than most people, despite his Nutella rolls and belly under his shirt. If you bring Kruse, you get Kruse – a purebred free spirit, brilliant footballer who knows how the game works. Which he can no longer tame – fortunately.