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Kremlin critics on trial - Navalny sentenced to nine more years in prison for fraud - News

Kremlin critics on trial – Navalny sentenced to nine more years in prison for fraud – News

  • A Moscow court convicted the imprisoned Alexei Navalny in another trial.
  • The Kremlin opponent will have to serve another nine years in prison for particularly large-scale fraud and contempt of court – and be sentenced to prison with particularly strict prison conditions.
  • In addition, the opposition will pay a fine of 1.2 million rubles (equivalent to about 10,700 Swiss francs).
  • Experts criticized the operation, calling it a political move, and Navalny’s lawyers demanded her acquittal.

Interfax reported the ruling from the hearing on Tuesday. According to Judge Margarita Kotova, Navalny stole the property of strangers “by deception and abuse of trust.”

Navalny has repeatedly called for protests against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The prosecutor’s office had asked for 13 years in prison – Navalny’s lawyers demanded acquittal.

Navalny is already serving several years in prison

The father of two had to respond this time for the alleged embezzlement of funds from his anti-corruption foundation, now banned in Russia, and for insulting a judge in an earlier trial.

Arrested after a poisoning attack

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Navalny collapsed on a trip within Russia in August 2020. He was treated first in Russia, then transferred to the Berlin Charité. There, nerve gas poisoning was identified. The government in Moscow has denied allegations that Russian authorities tried to kill an opponent of President Vladimir Putin. Navalny was arrested upon returning home in January 2021 and convicted of violating probation terms.

Putin’s opponent is serving a sentence of several years in a concentration camp in Pokrov, about 100 kilometers east of Moscow. The trial was also held there.