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Konami's eFootball is a disaster at launch and the worst Steam game ever

Konami’s eFootball is a disaster at launch and the worst Steam game ever

Well, Pro Evolution Soccer has moved on too Completely free game eFootball It’s a very messy mess.

Konami football The match started on Wednesday with players predictions Already placed in the futureThanks to a development roadmap that promises many core features that are coming through title updates. But that hasn’t started yet evil procession Players – especially PC gamers – faced those who succeeded The lowest rated Steam game everAs per the scale of one of the sites.

What is happening exactly? Well this:

No, it’s not like that WWE 2K21This is another whole series of mishaps.
Photo: Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami via Steam

and that is:

Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Schuszny at his best from John Carpenter’s The Thing.
Photo: Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami via Steam

Perhaps the most famous example from several sources:

Cristiano Ronaldo's mouth wrinkled in a buggy screenshot from eFootball

Photo: Konami Digital Entertainment / Konami via EpicPes on Twitter

To be fair, most of these weird contortions, for both the body and the face, seem to appear on the inside eFootballCinematic and interstitial scenes. Not that it makes it tastier, but the gameplay seems to have fewer issues – although players complain about the general blurring and sloppy animation, some of which can be seen in pre-release ads.

The situation is bad enough that Konami Leave a general apology On Friday morning.

eFootball Not only have the name and appearance changed, but the engines too, from Konami’s old Fox engine (yes, eight years ago for Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes) to Unreal Engine 4. This obviously doesn’t produce more impressive graphics and animations, at least in eFootballprospects.

But players are also disappointed that Konami did not deliver on its promises of crowded gameplay with more realistic two-person confrontations, more aggressive defenses, and faster counterattacks. many Negative “oppressive” reviews Give some credit on Steam (11554 bad at last count) eFootball For some new stuff (“new defensive mechanics concept” and “instant ball boys no-cutting play”, for example), with a lot of bugs in the core gameplay.

“It’s the slow, consistent character models of older games that keep the gameplay smooth and better than FIFA,” said one reviewer on release day. “This game is in the middle of both games. The PES ball physics and FIFA player models, which is outrageous. You can’t mix the two because they have completely different styles.”

Two years waiting for a game without MyClub, no [Master League] or [Be a Legend modes]Also, the graph looks worse than it did in 2021 pes 13 And 17? keep going. “I don’t know how that was released. (Konami developers skipped a full version last year and updated it instead eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, introduced in the fall of 2019.)

The protest has legitimate historical dimensions. Steam 250, site since 2014 Storefront games all arranged relative to each other based on user reviews, currently eFootball Such as worst between lost 100 matches. The sports video games on this list were either in incomplete state (WWE 2K20) or the important functions of their console counterparts are missing (Madden NFL 22). eFootballApparently both.

“60fps is a despicable upper limit,” he said. Steam review “most useful”What is a balanced assessment really? They added, “Running at 30 frames per second, especially since this game looks so easy.” Elsewhere, they found problems with “controls that respond at times when the player is 1mm ahead but take too long to respond or slide”.

So what now? Konami’s tweet promises just that eFootball “It will be constantly updated, quality will improve, and content will be added all the time.” Already promised update for this month. A development roadmap revealed in August indicates that the game will feature online leagues, a team building mode, cross-platform gaming, and a match pass in its first major update.

It looks like this may be on hold; If not, then surely it should have a lower priority for eFootball Get the rest [act] together.