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Konami: NFTs for the 35th Anniversary of "Castlevania"

Konami: NFTs for the 35th Anniversary of “Castlevania”

The video game veteran Konami hasn’t been particularly noticed in the past few years because he’s always made the right note. Presenting the NFT group to celebrate “Castlevania”‘s 35th birthday shouldn’t cause a storm of excitement among fans either. A global auction of the series’ history will begin on Wednesday, January 12th, at the NFT OpenSea Marketplace. It starts at 11pm CET and includes 14 exclusive artworks from the entire history of the series.

This is a video excerpt with game scenes, background music and freshly drawn images. The cryptocurrency Ethereum is used as a method of payment. This occasion is the 35th anniversary of “Castlevania”. The classic side-scrolling adventure game began in 1987 on Nintendo’s NES console – based on the title “Vampire Killer”, released in 1986 for the MSX2 home computer. Over the years, the series has seen many successors and reboots for many systems, including “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow” from 2010.

Auction winners get additional “Unlockable Content” as rewards in addition to the above artwork: only the owner can know what it’s all about. The name of the first-time buyer will also be temporarily published on the official website.

Konami has joined a number of development studios that sell NFTs. In the NFT project for “Stalker 2”, three of the highest bidders would have appeared as a secondary character in the first person shooter – in the form of a scanned non-player character (NPC). After a storm of indignation in the gaming community, developer GSC Game World decided to cancel any plans for NFT. On the other hand, other developers are building on unique digital goods at scale: in the “Legacy” business simulation of controversial developer Peter Molyneux, players are supposed to buy virtual land, set up businesses and earn real money.

It remains unclear what other NFT plans Konami has. The group seems to see the action as a test balloon and is awaiting feedback: “Since this is the company’s first project in the field and NFTs and blockchain technology is still in its infancy, Konami will continue to look for new developments after this first group. players,” the company said.

NFTs (Non-Foldable Tokens) are a type of digital title deed. The hash of a data packet signed by the original file author on a blockchain infrastructure can be managed using a private key in a way that these tokens can be publicly traced back.


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