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Klipblatt's Leverkusen: Outstanding talent on and off the field - SpVgg Greuther Fürth

Klipblatt’s Leverkusen: Outstanding talent on and off the field – SpVgg Greuther Fürth

– After conceding ten goals in two matches, Clover travels to one of the strongest attacking teams in the German League on Saturday (3:30 pm). Bayer Leverkusen has a lot of talented young players, but is also one of the best strikers in Europe in the squad – and a new coach with very special skills.

With the general situation…

… They are now very satisfied again in Leverkusen. With 24 points, Bayer is the best team in the Bundesliga – behind Dortmund and Bayern, who are vying for the top of the table at the weekend. At the start of the season it looked like a very good season, but then Bayer lost 5-1 to Bayern Munich – and only took two points in the three matches that followed.

With Sovereigns 3:1 in Leipzig, Leverkusen has again jumped to the table – and on its way to the Champions League. It wasn’t enough for them last season, but things are also going well in the Europa League. Bayer won four out of five matches on the international scene, and Betis Sevilla took one point. Ahead of the final in Ferencváros Budapest next week, a move to the next round is already certain.

On the sides…

…Since the summer there has been a man with something ahead of many in Leverkusen. Gerardo Swan became champion of Switzerland in 2019, 2020 and 2021 with Young Boys Bern – and recommended himself for a position in the Bundesliga. As a player, Seoane had his most successful time as captain of FC Luzern, but he also played for second team Deportiva La Coruna in his parents’ home country. They come from Galicia in northwestern Spain, which is why the 43-year-old speaks fluent Spanish and German.

To work with the many talents from around the world that Bayer Leverkusen brings together every year, the coach is not only well prepared in terms of experience. Seoane has a knack for languages ​​and can speak to his players in French, Italian and Portuguese.

Last seen …

… It was one of Leverkusen’s best games of the season. Leipzig had not lost a game at home prior to Bayer’s guest appearance, but right-back RB had no chance of reclaiming third place in the standings last Sunday. Florian Wirts, Moussa Diaby and Jeremy Frimpong scored 3-1, which made the coach very happy. “We defended very well collectively, we were on hand in duels, we found good solutions by conquering the ball, we played around counter-pressure well, we found a lot of space to tackle, and we were able to calm the game with possession between them,” Gerardo Seoane told the final whistle. . “Overall, we had more chances and we were more dangerous.”

All eyes are open…

… European Championship top scorer in 2021. Patrick Cech is only second in the standings because he scored his five goals for the Czech Republic in five matches, while Cristiano Ronaldo needed only four matches with Portugal.

Recently, the striker has been absent for five weeks due to an ankle injury and is back in the starting line-up at Leipzig. After 60 minutes it was over, last Wednesday, the 25-year-old finished training early. cause for concern? No. Bayer declared that it’s all about “pregnancy control,” and there’s nothing standing in the way of a process against a clover leaf. With Shake and Lucas Alario you can “skip the pressure,” the coach praised the kick. “With their physique they can carry balls.”