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Klagenfurt asks Sturm for third place in the fencing

Klagenfurt asks Sturm for third place in the fencing

At the end of the year, Sturm Graz and Austria Klagenfurt battle it out for the perfect springtime starting position.

At the end of the promotion year, Austria received Klagenfurt’s Christmas party in third place in the German Bundesliga. with a home win on Sunday (From 2.30 pm on the Sport24 LIVE . tapeAcross Sturm Graz, the Carinthians, unbeaten at home in eight games, go into the winter break with the Styrians tied on points. Peter Bacolt’s team has impressive home stats, but the third-placed Grazers’ mood is noticeably back again.

Not least because of the 1-1 draw with Monaco at the end of the Europa League group stage. “Everyone is happy that things will continue on Sunday, there is nothing better than playing every three days. We can take confidence and be ready again on Sunday,” said Jakob Janscher, Thursday’s top scorer and top scorer (8 goals/8 assists). league.

Jagen Teams “Big Points”

Winning both teams means “big points” in the group race of the tournament. Storm, for example, will have at least seven points above the “line” if there are four more rounds pending before the points and league division. The Graz have won the younger duelists (2:1/7 round), 4:2 nV (Cup, Round 2 / 2019), but lately, they often have to deal with an opponent who “has more time to renew””, he knows Coach Christian Elzer “We had to invest a lot this fall, we were far from the comfort zone, and on the other hand, Klagenfurt is playing a great season and it’s not for nothing that we have 25 points.”

Philippe Hospek, who made a surprise comeback against Monaco, could be in the squad again. It remains uncertain on Friday whether Andreas Quinn’s injury will heal in time. With a proper rest, Ilzer hopes to join forces for the last time in 2021. “We will do everything we can in Klagenfurt to get a good starting position for spring, when the harvest season comes,” Ilzer said. “We really want to be fully stocked there. Winning on Sunday would be a good basis for that.”

Pacult appears “from game to game”

This also applies to Klagenfurt, where coach Peter Bacolt does not think much about the main group talk. “I don’t deal with that. We have a tough game against Sturm, then the winter break comes and a lot will happen there. The teams will change, and in February we will see where you stand,” the 62-year-old said. “We recommend looking from one match to the next.” With Turgay Gemicibasi (suspended after his ninth yellow card) he lost an important midfielder against Sturm.

With a 1-0 win and every win by two goals, Austria will have a nose in a direct duel with Sturm and thus in front of the table in the event of a tie. Carinthians are unbeaten in five matches, although Bolt’s 1-0 win over World SG Tirol was “certainly the worst performance of the season”.

After the lockdown ends, people in Klagenfurt are only allowed to welcome subscription holders under the 2G rule at the Wörthersee stadium. The club announced that after consulting with the competent authorities in the state of Carinthia, this medium was chosen.