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Kingsley Coman: The Bayern Munich star wanted to storm the Gladbach booth

Kingsley Coman: The Bayern Munich star wanted to storm the Gladbach booth

Bayern’s Kingsley Coman clashed with Gladbach’s Benspini in the German FA Cup. The Frenchman even wanted to storm the opposite cabin later.

The basics in brief

  • After the 0:5 shame, Bayern’s nerves were bare.
  • Kingsley Coman wanted to storm Gladbacher’s cabin.
  • But his colleagues and employees can stop him.

It was a position barely familiar with the Bavarians, who were used to success – especially not against a German opponent. So it is understandable then Historic Shame 0:5 I am DFBCup against Gladbach Nerves were on the edge of the abyss.

Near the end of the match, Kingsley Coman and Ramy Bensbini clashed. It comes down to packaging. Even after the final whistle, it seemed like there was still a need for discussion between the two of them. But the foals They managed to restrain Bensbini when he stormed toward Koman.

For Kingsley Coman, it’s not over yet. As reported by the newspaper “Bild”, the French wanted to storm the cabin of Gladbacher. Lively, he left his locker room and made his way to the other room. One of his teammates and several employees managed to stop him.

He supposedly said, “I just want to talk.” But this did not happen. He will likely only get his next chance next year when Bayern Munich welcome Gladbach.

Are you happy with the defeats of Bayern Munich?

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