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King Charles III worries about his former servant: “Something is wrong”

King Charles III worries about his former servant: “Something is wrong”

Health related news King Charles III. It could be more dangerous than previously thought. At least that's what his former butler Grant Harrold suggests, who expressed deep concern in an interview with GBNews.

“Something is not right,” said Harold, who once served in the royal family and now fears the king's cancer diagnosis is much more serious.

King Charles III worries his former servant

The former butler's concerns also extend to the royal family in particular Prince William. Harold, who was close to Charles and Camilla from 2004 to 2011, speaks of increasing pressure on the future heir to the throne. One indication of this is the recent incident in which Prince William dropped a medal – a misstep that did not fit with his exemplary behaviour.

+++ King Charles III makes a clear gesture – “Bring back Harry” +++

“It makes me think there is more,” the former butler reveals his thoughts. Due to the health challenges faced by King Charles III, the British royal family shows solidarity. While the King is focused on his treatment and minimizing his public appearance, Queen Camilla and Prince William are stepping into the breach to fulfill royal duties.

King Charles III will be happy to have Harry back

It's not just Prince William who is in the spotlight due to royal duty; Prince Harry, which has attracted increased public attention since his father's diagnosis. Rumors of a possible temporary return to royal service have recently been raised, but these have been denied by palace sources.

However, Harry's return will certainly be a welcome one for King Charles, who spoke favorably of his son during a public appearance a few months ago.