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King Charles III & Prince Harry: Happy Ending? “Willing to admit mistakes”

King Charles III: Prince Harry’s claims made him think

In their Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan,” the Sussexes once again get rough with the royal family. Especially King Charles III. A must for Prince William bear outrageous allegations. For example, Prince Harry claims that his father and brother deliberately spread lies about him and his wife, Duchess Meghan, in order to appear better on themselves:

If the communications team wants to get a bad story about you, they’ll make a story about another team’s ownership in return. This is how different offices work against each other.

In doing so, Harry and William will have We promised each other we would never let something like this happen.. Now to see how his brother’s office “Doing exactly what we promised each other we wouldn’t do broke my heart.” Because Prince Harry is convinced: If only Charles or William had it once Power word Spoken, the whole drama wouldn’t have happened.

But it is assumed that they were only concerned with the reputation of the monarchy. These words now from his son
I heard from King Charles III TV. Made to think. “Charles finally wants to make peace and is ready to admit mistakes,” A palace insider knows. For this reason, he also wanted to mention Harry and Meghan in his first Christmas address as head of state, which he ultimately did not do, as he invited the two to his coronation in May.